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Things you did not know about market research

Not each and every one of us is thoroughly educated in the matters of economy; more often than not only a few notions of this mind bugling discipline are more than enough to satisfy the novices. However, the basics will not suffice for someone who is planning to take care of their own businesses and affairs. The market research is a big part of all business owners’ strategy and it is a vital component in keeping up with the competition.

The all must know and must master

After all, what really means to make a research over the market and why is it so important? If we were to look back in time, this practice began in the ‘20s, and at first it was only another section of advertising of the Golden Age of radio. Over the decades, its significance has become more relevant through the development of sponsorship. Nowadays it is used to provide valuable analysis over market size and competition, as well as a more accurate report over customer’s needs and behavior.

Marketing research is split in two major branches; these are the Primary Research – with its own sub-divisions: Quantitative and Quantitative research – and the Secondary Research. Both of them are used not only to get a greater insight over economy factors such as market information, segmentation and trends, but also to attain a SWOT analysis – SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats corresponding to a business..

If this was not enough, one must be aware that a proper market research can save a lot of money through measurement of marketing effectiveness - it means that simulations of test marketing or a product research would be conducted. In these times, there is no other way to conduct a business but the professional one; as such everybody should know their market research.


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